Preloved Puzzles

Everyone loves buying a brand new puzzle don’t they, but there’s lots of fab puzzles out there for sale that have been done once or twice that are just waiting for a new home, and here is the place to find them!

Many Preloved Puzzles are in mint condition, some not quite so, but hey, if we’re clear about the condition of them, then everyone is happy.

So we’ve come up with a simple grading system to help everyone know what they’re buying.

We hope it speaks for itself but please be realistic, if you want a perfect puzzle in a perfect box, you’re probably better off buying a brand new one.

Grade Description
Grade A
Brand new from manufacturer in sealed box
Grade B
Like New - puzzle completed once, all pieces there and box in like new condition
Grade C
Good Condition - Puzzle completed, all pieces there. Box has light damage to it. ie. A small mark or two on the corners or edges.
Grade D
Fair Condition - Puzzle completed, all pieces there. Box has more extensive damage to it. ie. It may be a bit squashed or have more damaged along the edges.
Grade E
Poor Condition - One or more pieces missing. Box damaged all round.
Grade F
Pot luck - Unchecked ! Pieces could be missing, box may be damaged, may be fun to do but don't expect a brand new puzzle.

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