Preloved Puzzles

Everyone loves buying a brand new puzzle don’t they, but there’s lots of fab puzzles out there for sale that have been done once or twice that are just waiting for a new home, and here is the place to find them !

Many Preloved Puzzles are in mint condition, some not quite so, but hey, if we’re clear about the condition of them, them everyone is happy.

So we’ve come up with a simple grading system to help everyone know what they’re buying.

Grade Description
Grade A
Brand new from manufacturer in sealed box
Grade B
Brand new, box been opened but puzzle never done
Grade C
As new, puzzle completed, all pieces there
Grade D
Damage to box, completed, all pieces there
Grade E
Box damaged, puzzle completed, one or more pieces missing
Grade F
Pot luck, box may be damaged, pieces could be missing, may be fun to do but don't expect a brand new puzzle.

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